PhD Researcher / Performance in Electroacoustic Music

Originating from Montréal, Vanessa has studied music her entire life. When she discovered electroacoustic music in college, she discovered a whole new means of expression and went on to pursue composition studies at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal with Yves Daoust and Martin Bédard. She has then received a Prize with Distinction upon completing her master’s in electroacoustic composition in 2013. She then moved to the UK to research performance in electroacoustic music, with the intention of completing a PhD at The University of Sheffield. Since 2011, her music is regularly heard in festivals around the world.


Vanessa works with sounds from every provenance, creates powerful imagery and often expresses environmental energy with very rich musical masses using delicate and precise composition. Her current preoccupations with dissemination of experimental music have brought her to explore the performance of electroacoustic music.